27 April, 19:00
Films from the North

Tromsø International Film Festival is the biggest film festival based in Norway and is a significant cultural event. TIFF team has been yearly preparing a special program for those who have never visited Tromso, which gives the possibility to get to know the best artworks of the festival without leaving a hometown. 

This year’s short films are focused on our emotions and feelings in the changing world: from tales about the sea and squabbles of home folks to torments of young and self-confident citizens. Female and male storylines intertwine and unite characters from very different social backgrounds. They are all entangled in the space between the daydream and reality. How far can they go to continue building up false images of well-being?

place: Murmansk cinema, Polyarnie Zori St., 51/33

250 р.

Билеты в кассах кинотеатров «Мурманск» «Аврора» и «Северное Сияние»

Online-продажа: http://kino.vmurmanske.ru/timetable/hall/1/2017-04-27/19:00/

Tickets in the booking office of Murmansk cinema

Online-sale: http://kino.vmurmanske.ru/timetable/hall/1/2017-04-27/19:00/