23 April, 18:00
Opening: Festival and the city

We invited festival managers from Norway, Finland and Russia to reflect on correlation of festivals and cities, to think of how festivals influence cities, whether they trigger economic growth and if they could change the demographic situation in the North. 

Here in the city center of Murmansk, over a cup of hot tea, they will share exciting stories about great expectations of small Russian towns; about 13-year long experience of cultural intervention in an industrial Norwegian town. The discussion will be followed by an experimental sound project from Murmansk musicians.


Luba Kuzovnikova

She is called “arctic art director”. 2001-2004  Founded and worked at modern art center “Hangar” on Solovetsky islands. 2004-2008 coordinated annual conference “Local stories” in Norilsk.

Since 2006 has been living in Kirkenes and and working as an art director at «Pikene på Broen». Currently owning and directing the company. Works at Barents Spektakel festival in the position of an art director.

Under Luba’s management, Barents Spektakel festival has become one of the most successful international cross-cultural projects, a landmark of the city. It is a cultural and political cocktail where music, art, debates, literature and architecture, theatre and performance are mixed and spiced up with Barents and nordic ideas. Festival’s theme and motto change every year, depending on what’s hot in political, cultural or social arenas of the Arctic.

Jaakko Kilpeläinen

Acted as the Norwegian Honorary Consul in South East Finland for 12 years. Mission included also promotion of cultural activities. Program director of Kotka Maritime Festival for four years (Finland’s largest urban festival is a joyful celebration that takes over the entire City Port and downtown districts of Kotka). 

Currently promoting the True Santa Claus of Korvatunturi (Savukoski, Finland) for the international market, especially China. Advisor for the Lappeenranta Municipality for China relations and promoting increasing tourism activity and related services. Partner, Senior Advisor at Arctic Cowboys Ltd Oyю.

Oleg Khadartsev

Founder of Fridaymilk project platform. Director of audio-visual festival Inversia. Curator and producer from Murmansk promoting the idea of shifting cultural center from capitals to small places. 

Yury Erofeev, a well-known journalist and tv-host from Murmansk will be leading a discussion, asking questions. Some of them might be tricky.

Photo: Maksim Malyutin

place: Public garden, Leningradskaya St.

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Russia, Norway, Finland