22 April, 11:00
Lecture «The World Champion and Russian chess school» / Blitz tournament

Atle Grønn - a professor of Russian linguistics in the university of Oslo, whose life is closely connected with chess. He is an expert in chess area, an international chess master, a sports reporter on Norwegian television, and a chess columnist in one of the biggest newspapers in Norway «Aftenposten». In 2016 he published a book «Chess or life», which overnight became a bestseller! 

At the meeting, Atle will present a report dedicated to his friend and rival - Magnus Carlsen - who is currently the sixteenth chess world champion. He will also  talk about the famous Russian chess school and at 15:00 he is going to take part in a blitz tournament!

Photo: Rolf Haug

place: Murmansk Chess Club, Knipovicha St., 23/A

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Russia, Norway