29 April, 21:00
Elle Marja Eira / Antoha МС / ½ Orchestra

Each year we strive to make a final concert of Barents Bird Festival a surprise for you. This, 2017 year is no exception – one stage, two countries, three performers, and unique, unlike any other sound!

Antoha MC, a humble guy from the capital city, will rock the stage at powerful beats. He will sing, dance, and immerse you into nostalgic atmosphere of street romance. Elle Marja Eira will sing her songs to the accompaniment of traditional Sami and cold as her home country Norway, urban music. Another band from Moscow, ½ Orchestra, will fill the hall with crazy mixes of different music genres and destroy your expectations of a true orchestra!


She has a voice that cuts through the heart and embraces the audiences with her honest stage performance. Elle Márjá Eira is a multi-artist from Northern Norway and she has for long asserted herself as one of Sápmis best live performers!

She mixes traditional yoik, her sami roots in Sami storytelling, and mixes that with electronica. An edgy electro sound in an Arctic landscape. Elle Márjá is also a film producer who likes to visualize the lyrics through music, film and sound landscapes. She grew up in a reindeer herding family, and retrieves inspiration from her childhood, life in the north and the reindeer herding.

Despite the fact that they have not released their first album yet, Elle Márjá and her band have received excellent reviews for their live performances, including concerts in Brazil, Guatemala, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, the USA, Russia and Finland. Their next destination is the final concert of the Barents Bird 2017.

Photot: Morten Pettersen


Everyone has heard his name at least once. If not, please meet: Antoha MC, also known as Anton Kuznetsov, a musician, poet and just a humble guy from the outskirts of the capital city.

A few years ago, Antoha appeared as if out of nowhere. A smiling guy from Moscow commuter belt played the trumpet, rapped over his own beats, sang, danced, and surprisingly fast took over the country’s playlists. Many critics concur that the recipe for his success lies within the identity, charm and, most importantly, honesty of his music. Sincere lyrics, permeated by street romance, cannot but grab your attention and cause pleasant nostalgic feelings.

During his concerts, the performer always communicates with the audience: he encourages his fans to come up to the stage or goes down to them himself. ‘Afisha’ magazine describes his performances as shows which play well on human emotions, just like business-trainings or scientologists’ speeches do. Is it true? Find it out April 29!

Photo: Peter Barabaka


1/2 Orchestra, or «One-Half-Orchestra-Band» is a unique, unparalleled project. It is one of the best orchestra and jazz bands in Russia, impossible to confuse!  

Six musicians from Moscow will come to Murmansk to play a crazy mix of authentic wind instruments, drums, and various electronic devices. The performers like to experiment, so at their concerts you can easily enjoy mixes of jazz and drum’n’bass, hip-hop and techno, fusion and afro-beat.

«One-Half-Orchestra-Band» has already presented five albums, performed in Europe, and played a set at Sziget Festival and main festivals in Russia. In 2015, the band represented Russia at Tallinn Music Week Festival. In 2016, they performed in Norway and France. This year they will perform at Barents Bird Festival!

place: «Magnit» Concert Hall, Kola, Mironova St.,1

500 – 700 р.

Предварительная продажа в Кассах филармонии, проспект Ленина, 67. Наличный расчет.

Режим работы: Вc.-Пн. 12:00-18:30 (перерыв с 15:00 до 15:30) и Вт.-Сб. 12:00-19:00 (перерыв с 15:00 до 16:00)

Тел.: 45-08-67.

В день мероприятия – на месте проведения


Pre-sales in the Booking office of Murmansk Philharmonic Hall, Lenina St., 67. Cash only.

Working hours: Sun.-Mon. 12:00-18:30 (break 15:00-15:30) and Tue.-Sat. 12:00-19:00 (break 15:00-16:00)

Tel.: 8 (8152) 45-08-67.

On event day - at the venue

participants: Russia, Norway