26 April, 19:00
Jazz&Blues Cafe: Peggy Lee Tribute

Five musicians from Russia and Finland will share the stage to immerse «Ledokol» club into the atmosphere of Chicago in its 40-60-ies. The program features the songs of Peggy Lee – an American jazz singer and composer whose «Fever» and «Why don´t you do right»  hits are known worldwide.

Sofia lives in Helsinki, writes her own music and sings together with Hannu in the band called «Murmansk Express». Hannu also plays in «RajaJazz» band with two Sergeys. One of them – Sergey Filippov – composes music for the band. Tatu Kantomaa is also known as a accordion player. He has worked in Island for over ten years and studied in Germany. Now he lives and plays in Rovaniemi (Finland). The performers will gather together for Jazz&Blues Café and play songs in keeping with “juicy” American jazz.  


Sofia Perhomaa (vocal, Finland)
Tatu Kantomaa (keyboards, Finland)
Hannu Raudaskoski (bass, Finland)
Sergey Filippov (guitar, Russia)
Sergey Zaikin (drums, Russia)


place: «Ledokol» club, Knipovicha St., 17

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Finland, Russia