25 April, 12:30
Talk «Why Denmark is the most environmentally-friendly country»

Year after year Denmark rises to the top of the World Happiness Report ranking. Why?  One of the essential components of this type of perception is the environment, because today everyone wants to inhale fresh air, drink pure water, eat healthy food and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Denmark makes use of «green» technology everywhere, starting from ordinary household to alternative energy sources development. Bicycles are very popular: 95 % of the Danes prefer this eco-friendly transport.

Finn Andersen, the director of the Danish Cultural Institute, based in St. Petersburg, is going to tell how this small European country has achieved such impressive results in environmental preservation.

Photo: Yadid Levy

place: MASU, Egorova St., 15, room 208

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Denmark, Russia