23 April, 18:00
Lukas Arons: 25 years of sculpting

Lukas Arons is a Dutch born sculptor who studied between 1989 and 1994 monumental sculpture at the arts academy in Rotterdam and s’Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands and is since 2004 resident in Bohuslän, Sweden.

He is the co-founder of «StoneZone» an internationally orientated center for granite sculpting where he also has his private sculpture workshop. Arons has even a small studio in an artist collective in Luxembourg.

Lukas has been working since 1994 with larger international public art projects in mostly granite but also on a smaller scale with sculptures in stone and metal. Figuration, often in the form of the human body (or parts thereof ) has in recent years taken a more and more prominent place in his artistic language.

His public and privately owned sculptures exist besides in Sweden in many other countries. During the winter season, snow and ice, often in combination with light, are a welcome and grateful material to express his ideas.

In addition to sculpting Lukas Arons has been teaching, given lectures, worked with a local Land Art project and has also been occupied with the development and design of public park, and square-environments. His lecture will be about 25 years of sculpting.

place: Children's art school in Murmansk, Halatina St., 18
participants: Sweden, Russia