28 April, 14:05
Norway’s cinema: film from the collection of the General Norwegian Consulate in Murmansk

We invite you to watch the art film "1001 Gram" (2014). This is a Norwegian melodrama with elements of romantic, with deep philosophical subtext fnd a modest Scandinavian humor.

The main heroine, Marie, one of the official keepers of the national prototype kilogram – a piece of metal in the form of a cylindrical poise that lives in the Norwegian Bureau of Measures and Weights. Clever, beautiful and ideal in all respects the girl goes to Paris for a seminar on the control measurement of a kilogram... and completely unexpectedly falls in love! As a result, on the scales are her own feelings...


place: MASU, assembly hall, Lenina St., 57

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Norway, Russia