22 April, 19:00
Opening: «Kartellet»

We always try to change our usual scheme, that’s why this year the art dance company «Kartellet» will open the festival! 

Norwegian dancers will present in Murmansk their new program Anføttes, that is translated as “sleeping head to toe”. A mixture of acrobatics, folk music and jazzy electronica are hidden under this intrigue title. The instruments are digital, while the motives of the folk music (including Russian one) are saved. 

Anføttes explores the fusion of modern music with traditional dances and children’s games. Besides, not only actors will take part in the performance, but also you! The audience will sit the way that they will be the part of the performance. One of the most exciting and innovative musicians and composers in Norway, Benjamin Mørk will perform together with the dancers.


The number of seats is limited, please check in here


  • Inge Martin Helgesen 
  • Nils Ole Foshaug 
  • Sigurd Johan Heide 
  • Lars Frihetsli 
  • Bjørnar Heimdal 

Musician and composer:

  • Benjamin Mørk 


  • Kartellet 


  • Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes (Espen Drag Isaksen) 


  • Martin Edelsteen 

Photo: Knut Åserud


place: Murmansk College of Technology in the service, Gvardeiskaya st.,14
participants: Norway, Russia