29 April, 18:00
Cargo de nuit

We are inviting you in a trip from French artist  Ann-Charlotte Finnel – «Cargo de nuit», which means in translation “night bulk-carrier”. At every station, the viewer has to make a virtual dive into a single visual space from the oceans, lakes and rivers.

Travels – are the main constituent of creativity of Ann-Charlotte. In searching for inspiration she crossed Atlantic ocean by trade vessel, came down into underground galleries and was lost in dense forests.

During her wanderings artist creates coherently changing videos, which are recognized by special granularity and distorted colors on the border of black and white.

"I shoot at night, on a sunrise, in a twilight or on a sunset, – in a mysterious, intermediate Times of Day, full expectation".        

Anne-Charlotte's interest in intermediate states also applies to geography: the observation of the transition from one landscape to another on the border between town and country is the artist's favorite practice.

Joint creativity plays a great role for the Frenchwoman: thus, each of her videos is accompanied by a specially created for it musical composition.


place: Former «svetOten» gallery, Sofii Perovskoy St., 25/26, entrance from the yard

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: France