24 April, 10:00
Meeting with Hanne Ørstavik and Olga Drobot

Hanne made her debut at 25 with the novel "Hakk", which immediately attracted the interest of readers and critics, and for the book "Presten" the writer was awarded the most prestigious literary prize in Norway. But the real success came to her in 1997 after the publication of the novel "Kjærlighet".

A psychologist by training, Hanne deeply penetrates into the complex world of human relations. Her books can touch the most sensitive strings of the soul, and can also anger the reader. They say that everything she writes relates to love.

By the way, Hanna is one of the ten most famous women in Norway. Along with writing, she translates literature from French into Norwegian. Her own books have been translated into 25 languages, including Russian.

The author herself will tell about her creative path and psychology in the work, as well as Olga Drobot - a Russian translator and specialist in Scandinavian literature.

Date and time:

  • April 24 at 10:00
  • April 24 at 17:45


  • MASU, reading room, Egorova St.,15
  • Murmansk State Scientific Library, conference hall, 3 floor, Sofii Perovskoy St., 21A 

Photo: Linda B. Engelberth



place: MASU, reading room, Egorova St.,15 / Murmansk State Scientific Library, Sofii Perovskoy St., 21A

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participants: Norway, Russia