25 April, 19:00
Russian-Norwegian musical project

What happens if you take professional jazz/rock musicians and students of pop music department of the Murmansk college of fine arts in order to create a band just in three days?

The popular Norwegian guitar player and the composer Asbjorn Ruud together with his colleague  the pianist Adrian Danielsen  will try to find it out!

The musicians will come to our city not only to play music together with guys from the college but also to become a part of our culture and share an experience and in the end they will make an unique performance  together within “Jazz & Blues Cafe"!

Photo: Torgrim Halvari

place: "Ledokol" club in Park Inn by Radisson Polyarnye Zori, Knipovicha St., 17

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Russia, Norway