26 April, 20:00
Concert film "Slayed by Life"

Musicians from Norway and Russia, after their first meeting on the Tromsø International Film Festival in January 2018, created a new musical score for a vintage silent film "Slayed by Life" (Belgoskino, 1926). Thanks to that, a masterpiece of a soviet director Oleg Frelikh was totally reinterpreted, so now we have an opportunity to reappraise that wonderful woman story.

"Slayed by Life" is a drama treating a problem of prostitution, as a social phenomenon of Soviet Russia, in an innocent and at times even comic way. Three female characters and their life are intertwined on purpose to show that ”only right“ way. Main character’s husband dies. Nadezhda is left with two kids, one of them is seriously ill, so she has no other choice but to become a sex worker.

A life musical score is created an the interface of genres and styles: traditions of modern Northern European electronic music are supplemented with instrumental accompaniment of Russian folk, jam and classical music.

Musical accompaniment:

  • Jon-Eirik Boska (Norway) - music producer, electronic, percussion
  • Anna Spiridonova (Russia) - violin, vocalist
  • Elina Waage Mikalsen (Norway) - electronic, vocalist
  • Evelina Petrova (Russia) - accordion, vocalist



place: Murmansk cinema, Polyarnie Zori St., 51/33

250 р.

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participants: Russia, Norway