26 April — 14 May, 15:00
Poetics. Message to Tarkovsky

Anita Petra Hamremoen is a professional graphic designer. She has her own company and had been working for Norwegian publishing houses, advertising agencies for fifteen years. She got a great interest in photography when she was a child, but only 11 years ago she decided to  devote herself  to this craft wholeheartedly. It happened after the master class, that became her own event horizon.

She erases the time, plunging us into a silent, mysterious world in her set of works "Poetics. Message to Tarkovsky". Andrei Tarkovsky's films, his visions and characters influenced on her a lot. Dim light, bare trees, horses, fire, water and people in their natural state are the elements which Anita borrowed from great director’s universe and added to her own vision.

By the way, the images that at the international photo festival Nordic Light in 2014 took the award "Director’s Choice" are also included in photo series.

After the exhibition opening, the artist will teach a master class for all who are interested in photography. Chek in by e-mail: tde@mfa.no


place: Russian Museum Art center in Murmansk, 2nd floor, Sofii Perovskoy St., 3

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Norway, Russia