27 April — 27 May, 17:00
Norway and Russia: Arctic Gravity

The exhibition is about Norwegian-Russian cooperation within Circumpolar regions. Nowadays, both countries are actively cooperating to solve a wide variety of issues. It all started several centuries ago, when two countries peacefully co-existing in the North started helping each other to carry out important research expeditions.

The exhibition will show those exciting, dangerous and heroic trips, interesting facts about Russian and Norwegian Polar research. It will also show how important it is to cooperate while encountering the unknown.

In 16:00, right before the exhibition opening, Geir Kløver (director, polar research history museum «Fram», Oslo) will present his lecture. Main exhibit of the «Fram» museum is the legendary vessel that carried out several Polar expeditions.



place: Murmansk Regional Museum of Local Lore, Lenin St., 90

Вход свободный / Admission is free

participants: Norway, Russia