23 April, 19:30
Jan Eggum & Tonje Unstad

The second festival day, or rather – evening, will be filled with beautiful lyrics of Norwegian performers Jan Eggum and Tonje Unstad accompanied by the chamber orchestra.

Jan started his career back in 1975, and 43 years after in the UK and Norway, 19 released albums, one Eurovision performance and hundreds of thousands acquired fans, was firmly established as one of the most famous singers of the Northern Kingdom. By the way, for minor compositions about love and loneliness, Jan received the nickname "face of the melancholy", but there are also more cheerful songs in his repertoire.

Along with Tonje, popular folk-singer, whose gentle touching voice has already melted tons of hearts, Jan is performing his best songs to the accompaniment of the fellow friends of the Barents Bird, musicians from the Scene of Finnmark and the Murmansk Philharmonic Society:

  • Ingrid Vilassen (violin)
  • Agnieszka Orłowska (tenor violin)
  • Nikolay Girunyan (cello)
  • Marianne Halmrast (bass)
  • Steffen Blindheim (oboe)
  • Evgeny Popov (violin)
  • Yekaterina Ohraminskaya (cello)
  • Tom Meyer (sound/light)



place: Murmansk Philharmonic Hall, Sofii Perovskoy St., 3

300-400 р.

Билеты в кассах филармонии: 

пр. Ленина, 67 (тел. 45-08-67)

ул. Софьи Перовской, 3 (тел. 99-43-32)



Pre-sales in the Booking office of Murmansk Philharmonic Hall:

Lenina St., 67 (tel. 45-08-67)

Sofii Perovskoy St., 3 (tel. 99-43-32)



participants: Norway, Russia