About festival

Barents Bird is the largest international culture festival not only for Murmansk, but for the whole Barents Region. This festival's main purpose is to turn a rough Northern city into an open space for cooperation, where musicians, artists and performers from different countries could share their experience, while the Murmansk audience can be introduced to their art, find like-minded and enjoy participating at the festival.

Barents Bird follows the traditions of another festival – Nordic Days, but at the same time widens the borders of a unique Northern culture, inviting participants not only from Russia and Scandinavia, but also from other countries and continents. After three years of annual festivals, the Bird found a lot of new friends from Russia, Europe, America and Asia.

Each year, the festival starts in April and lasts seven days, during which exhibitions, discussions, concerts, performances, plays, film screenings, fairs, master classes and meetings with artists are held in Murmansk and cities of the Murmansk Region.

A huge cultural program, which comes together with the long-awaited Northern Spring, makes Barents Bird one of the finest and looked-forward events in Murmansk!